Students were given the following prompt to participate in the 2017 GrowRIVERSIDE Conference:

“High School and College Students: Do you have a desire to start your own food or ag-related business? Do you have an innovative idea for a new food or ag-related product or system? GrowRIVERSIDE would like you to prepare a business plan submission for the 2017 New Food/Agriculture Business Contest.”

New Business Contest Winners

1st Place: Ashley E. & Brandon E. – $2,000 grant awarded

Title: Eatin’ Green

Summary: Eatin’ Green is an indoor farming business specializing in micro-greens and herbs.  Here at Eatin’ Green we want to grow micro-green in a controlled environment guaranteeing the best product each and every time.  

Eatin’ Green Pitch

Eatin’ Green Business Plan

2nd Place: Angel O. – $1,000 grant awarded

Title: Agricultural Guides of the Inland Empire (AGIE)

Summary: Our aspiring team, AGIE (Agricultural Guides of the Inland Empire), will support the community to help solve the health, environmental, and food distribution problems of the Inland Empire by providing a YouTube channel that advocates just that. By providing our educational, motivational, and informational channel, the Inland Empire will have access to weekly educational videos about events in the Inland Empire and interviews of local agriculture businesses. We will address the problems mentioned above by demonstrating solutions in simple forms.

AGIE Pitch

AGIE Business Plan