Conference Speaker: Jordan Perkins with Solutions for Urban Agriculture

We at GrowRIVERSIDE are excited to announce that Jordan Perkins will be speaking at the upcoming conference on March 21, 2016.  At the 3rd Annual GrowRIVERSIDE Conference, Perkins will be focusing on the process of establishing agricultural leases. The difference in establishing leases between public or private landholders on one end and prospective tenant farmers on the other will be highlighted. Furthermore, the many benefits associated with the lease model, as well as the many pitfalls to avoid and provisions to include in order to ensure that the landlord-tenant relationship remains fruitful, will be a topic of discussion.

Currently, Jordan Perkins is the Executive Director of Solutions for Urban Agriculture. Solutions for Urban Agriculture (SFUA) is a non-profit farming organization that seeks to offer innovative solutions to some of the pressing food security, public health, ecological, workforce and educational needs facing urban environments today. As the Executive Director he carries out directives established by a Board of Directors that is chaired and founded by former Secretary of Food and Agriculture for the state of California, A.G. Kawamura. SFUA seeks to implement innovative and scalable agricultural systems that enable urban land to be sustainably managed to produce food while protecting and improving critical environmental resources. This is done through the strategic repurposing of urban properties for the sustainable production of farm products. At SFUA, they focus on the utilization of technological advances, vocational training for urban farmers, and the design and management of agricultural educational programming for public and private entities. Their goal is to demonstrate that 21st Century urban agriculture can be a dynamic partner in the building of healthy communities.

In addition to his work with SFUA, Jordan Perkins works as an associate at the Wallin Firm, an Irvine-based law firm focused on small to midsize business legal matters. Prior to SFUA he worked as an employee for the City of Irvine, as the Orange County Great Park Urban Agriculture Projects & Programs Officer. While working for the City of Irvine, he obtained his law degree in the evening at Whittier Law School.

Establishing agricultural leases is a vital step within the local food process. Therefore, the information Jordan Perkins will cover during his presentation at the GrowRIVERSIDE conference is very relevant. Visit Solutions for Urban Agriculture’s website for more information (



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