Farming in the 21st Century with Jeff Alves

Jeff and Nicolina Alves started their agribusiness, Farm to Office, with the mission of providing healthy snacks to local offices, produce to local restaurants, and delicious gifts to anyone nationwide. Jeff Alves grew up in Galt, California on a dairy cow farm, operated to this day by his father an immigrant from Portugal. Nicolina Alves grew up on avocado groves in Fallbrook, California. The two met in high school through their mutual membership in the youth leadership program, Future Farmers of America also known as FFA. Furthermore, they both continued their education at Chico State and finished with degrees in Agricultural Business. Currently, they are working on their family farms in Temecula, California at Terra Bella Ranch. Jeff Alves will be speaking at the upcoming GrowRIVERSIDE conference on March 21, 2016.

We at GrowRIVERSIDE asked Jeff Alves, what farming in the 21st century is like? He responded, “Farming in the 21st century, like centuries before, comes with great challenge and joy. Agriculture is an industry that is vital to life and with a growing global population there is a challenge to continue to feed our local communities and the world. With great challenge comes great joy in being a part of something bigger than yourself. There is joy in helping to feed others, constantly learning and teaching about agriculture, sharing family heritage, and diversifying into new farming and business adventures to keep up with modern times and needs.”

Next we asked Mr. Alves, how he and his family were serving the community? He answered, “Community is huge when it comes to farming and agriculture. For our family community is important to us and what we do. Besides serving our local food community with delicious quality foods, we are very proud to have started a state wide Scholarship that awards outstanding high school seniors going to college who are members of FFA. Many members of our family were members of the California FFA Association and we are very proud of giving back in this way to an organization that gave so much to us!”

Jeff Alves is passionate about agriculture education, youth opportunities in agriculture, starting agribusinesses, family farming, diversification, local food, and food communities from the local level to the global level. Therefore, he will be speaking about some of these subjects at the GrowRIVERSIDE conference. More information about Jeff and Nicolina Alves and the products they offer are available at (



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