May 30, 2017

2017 GrowRIVERSIDE Conference Highlights

Opening Keynote by the City of Riverside's Assistant City Manager, Al Zelinka

Connecting the Food Systems to Community - Paneled by Scott Tenney & Theo Ferguson

High Tech and Greenhouse Agriculture - Paneled by Ryan Lesniewski & Matthew Hively

Urban Small Space Intensive Farming - Paneled By Keynote Speaker Will Allen

Growing Specialty Crops in Southern California - Paneled by Alyssa Houtby & Arthur Levine

Selling to Institutions & Restaurants - Paneled by Duane E. Gornicki, Kirsten Roloson, Don Webber, & Robin Meadows

Successful Food & Farm Business Models - Paneled by Randy Bekendam & Thom Curry

What's Happening in the Local Food Community - Paneled by Nathan Freeman, Cecila Arias, Gurumantra Khalsa, & Clarke Pauley

Creative Microloan Financing for Agribusiness - Paneled by Valery Belloso, Michelle Greenwood, Ice Murry, & Allison Paap

Facilitating Land Access for Farmers - Paneled by Jim Herries, Lisa Pierce, & Josphat Mutunga