Grow Riverside & Beyond Conference

The GROW Riverside & Beyond Conference is a multi-stakeholder initiative to cultivate food and agricultural activities across the Inland Southern California region. The conference will equip the public with tools and knowledge to create a strong marketplace for local food systems, generate opportunities for community and economic development, advance public policy related to food and agriculture, and provide a venue for stakeholders to network.

Conference Speakers

GROW Dinner | Thursday, April 4 | 5:30pm

Grab your fork and knife, the Grow Farm-to-Fork Dinner is back! Enjoy an evening of entertainment, local food, and drinks at the MacArthur Residence located at 1931 Adams St, Riverside, CA 92503.

 This is a fundraiser dinner where proceeds support the Grow Riverside & Beyond initiative.

Conference Agendas

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Join us for the Grow Riverside and Beyond conference.